I’m Jack Elway, a retiree and avid golfer. I started this blog to share tips and tricks on learning and mastering the techniques employed in golf for beginners.

I’ve loved golf all my life, having begun playing it in my late teens with my father. Over the years, I’ve played competitively in many of the company tournaments I’ve been in and have won enough of them to dedicate a small case for my trophies. It’s a deceptively serene game that combines relaxation and patience with intensity and form.

Although I’m hardly in the same form I was back when I competed, I still find time to hit the country club for a game to this day. Playing well into this age lets me enjoy the sunny weather and gives me plenty of opportunities for walking exercise.

Apparently, the passion is hereditary. Both my sons are golfers and their children, in turn, have expressed interest in the sport as well. My two oldest grandchildren, Jace and Tiffany, are currently taking the sport to the next level under my tutelage, often while working as my caddies for some extra cash

I originally came from Illinois. My work brought me to Florida, where I’ve lived with my wife Marianne and our two sons Matt and James for the past 40 years. They eventually started families of their own, and we now have five grandchildren, two of whom are in their teens. Seeing as they live nearby, our children and grandchildren are frequent visitors.