Too Good To Be True: The Craziest Shots In Golfing History

Who says golf is boring? Well it will be if players just swung from fairways to green again and again without any fuss. Thankfully there have been crazy golf shots that were almost impossible they just leave us in awe. Here are some of them in record.

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1. Vijay Singh’s skimming hole in one

Ever tried stone skipping? It’s difficult, but possible. Now try it with golf, make it skip cross a small pond, and get it in the hole. That’s what Vijay did in the 2009 Masters practice round.

2. Sergio Garcia’s one-handed trick shot

Here’s the scenario, you got the ball stuck on a tree, and in order to pull off a recovery shot, you’ll have to 1) get up on a tree, 2) position yourself in an awkward position, (he chose to stand backwards) 3) Hit the ball using just one hand. Everything in this shot is difficult already per se. Combining those would be impossible, but not from the great Sergio Garcia.

3. Rory Mcllroy’s “pocket” in one

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Maybe Mcllroys is so used to getting the ball in the hole that he tried to get his tee shot in one of the spectators’ pocket. The ball went too far right and landed on a tree and somehow found its way inside this lucky dude’s pocket.

Jack Elway here. I’m a retired golfer. Follow me on Twitter for more posts like this.


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