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How to get more distance in your golf swing

For a lucky few, power comes naturally, but if you’re like the rest of us, if you’re looking to add power to your golf swing, you can do so by adopting a few simple techniques.

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Here are a few of those techniques:

1. Keep your right foot ahead of your left, if you’re right handed.

Your stance is a crucial part of your swing. When you’re setting up for your swing, make sure to put your lead foot, in this case your right foot, a little in front of your left. This stance gives you better balance.

2. Keep a light grip on the club.

You’d think that gripping your club hard will result in a stronger swing, but tense muscles in your hands and arms can decrease your swing speed. Grip your club just enough so it won’t fly away at the end of your swing.

3. Unhinge your wrists just before impact.

Your wrists will be hinged or cocked on the backswing. Try to maintain this wrist position as long as you can to develop a stronger release. Avoid unlocking your wrists on the downswing until just before the club hits the ball. This is called follow-through.

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Taking your game to the next level

When playing golf, people have to realize that the body is a machine that needs to be tweaked and oiled all the time. This combination of bone and muscle has to be honed to generate the right skill and power for something like golf. This is why some golfers can hit farther and more accurately than others.


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Crucial here is realizing the body is your main source of power. Use it. The club is nothing more than a focus point for that power and no matter how good it is, it cannot compensate for power which doesn’t come from the source. Even more, you can’t even rely on just your arms to push that club forward and slice the air. Your body has to be in your swing so that the ball flies into the air more consistently.
You have to release tension in your body. This is oil between machine parts. If there is too much tension, there is more metal to metal tension or, in the body’s case, bone to bone. You’re then more prone to injury and damage. One golfer even suggests to always play a shot with a smile. The smile loosens you up and less tension in your body increases the fluidity in motion. This translates to ball movement and distance. These are the first few steps to taking your golf to the next stage.

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